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“We notice that employees only have to take over 20 percent of the chat conversations”

Put starters in the right direction for their venture.

Starting your own venture isn’t easy: you need a potentially successful business idea of course, but there are many obligations and a lot of mandatory admin to think about too. To help new self-employed entrepreneurs with all their questions, our customer Acerta just launched Cas – their chatbot that runs on Oswald. Around a thousand starters already found their way to Cas, just in its first month!

Self-employed youngsters want to know what to look out for when starting their own business, or what the conditions are and how they can make a good start. The Acerta experts assist them as well as possible with personal advice as every starter is unique. With Cas, they now have an extra channel that allows them communicate how they prefer it. Starters can now chat with a virtual, smart expert at any time of the day. Cas gives them a quick answer to frequent and practical questions, and makes the start-up of a company less complex.

Artificial intelligence makes a smart difference

Chatbots like Cas are increasingly popping up as an extra online service channel for service providers like Acerta. Thanks to the artificial intelligence we added to Oswald, it automatically recognizes questions or similar questions – as everyone asks them differently - and it gives respondents the requested information that we have pre-programmed and trained with Acerta’s business experts. It can already answer most questions today.

If the bot does not understand the question or cannot offer a solution, an employee will take over for the time being. Cas also learns from that outcome, which means that Acerta’s chatbot is becoming smarter thanks to the advancing insight and machine learning. For the ‘real’ experts, their virtual colleague is a complementary asset that makes starting up a new business a little more efficient.

Automate 80 percent of conversations

Along with the ease of use, the popularity of chatbots is also increasing, notes Karel Kremer from Oswald: “We notice that employees only have to take over 20 percent of the chat conversations. And the artificial intelligence engine of Oswald is continuously improving too, leading to even better results. It allows us to interpret the intentions of the respondent and automate the conversation. The added value of a chatbot like Cas is getting bigger and bigger, as the first weeks at Acerta also prove. ”

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