Chatbots no-one wants to need, but everyone is glad it's there once they need it.

Chatbots in insurance

Insurance is something everyone has, but they hope they never really need. If they do need it, it surely has to be as convenient as possible. This is true for fire insurance, health insurance, car insurance, theft insurance, hospitalisation insurance... Convenience is the new loyalty, so insurance providers always try to find new ways to make their offering more scalable and more consistent for their customers. Enter the era of chatbots!

There are many use cases for chatbots in the world of insurance providers. Customer service is the most common one. Customers can ask their questions 24/7 and their response immediately. But even in the context of insurance assistance, where speed and convenience is key, or even lead generation chatbots have their use. After all, the same questions are asked over and over in these use cases, so automation is the way to go!

Example chatbots

Customer service

  • "I cannot log in to my account :("
  • "I'm going on a holiday, do I need to take any documents with me?"
  • "When can I expect my refund?"

Insurance assistant

  • "I had a car accident, what should I do?"
  • "My smartphone has been stolen..."
  • "I just bought a new house and I need a fire insurance."

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Some of our insurance cases

Customer support chatbot

Customer support chatbot

Since November 1, 2018, Partena Ziekenfonds uses a chatbot as part of their customer service.

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