Give your customers a personal shopping experience again, wherever they are, whenever they want.

Chatbots in retail

With the rise of the Internet, retail has shifted from a physical experience to a digital experience. Because of this shift, the shopping experience has become less personal. The retailers advice is hidden behind buttons, tabs and pictures. With the use of chatbot technology, you can give your customers a personal shopping experience again! Think about consistent and fast customer service, intelligent product recommendations or even parcel tracking.

Retail customers can ask their questions using natural language. The conversations can be enriched with quick replies for fast navigation, pictures of products, links to a product detail page, carousels and videos. Even payments can be offered through the personal chatbot. Furthermore, customers can be reached on new platforms like Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Slack...

All this can be offered with the scalability, flexibility, availability and low operational costs of a chatbot.

Example chatbots

Product information

  • "I'm looking for some black shoes."
  • "I need a present for my nephew!"
  • "How much does the new iPhone cost?"

Parcel tracking

  • "When is my package going to be delivered?"
  • "I'm not at home today, can you deliver my parcel at my neighbours house?"
  • "Is the driver already on its way?"

Customer service

  • "I cannot log in to my account :("
  • "I don't see my invoice."
  • "I'm not satisfied, can I return my product?"

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