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We all live in an ever-changing world of innovations and new disruptive technologies. Now more than ever, we all have an increasing number of small and big electronic devices at our disposal. Computers and software are getting cheaper, smaller and more powerful at the same time.

However, going from an idea or concept to a first working prototype can be a hard, time-consuming and frustrating job. And that’s what we do best! We take over the prototyping phase for your idea. While we focus on software prototyping, we can also build hardware prototypes for you, which work seamlessly with the software.

Over many iterations, we provide you with fast, working prototypes, so you can test it yourself and with your market segments. Every iteration, we learn and customize, based on your needs and desires.

That way, your idea can soon become reality!

Some other partners

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The flexibility of Oswald, like on-premises installation and role management, is something we cannot find in other platforms.

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Chatbots are the new apps. We leverage Oswald to build new conversational user interfaces that delivers huge opportunities for businesses.

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